West Lake shrimp cake

Banh Tom

Who has been to Hanoi is likely to be eager to find a hot West Lake shrimp cake , to have the opportunity to enjoy a specialty of this land are not two.

Just like that one also has to impress . Probably by a Ho Tay shrimp cakes where to eat only that food is but also to watch the sky , watching the land , people watching , sightseeing . Enjoy cake in prawn summer sunset scenery is great. This light , fresh water West Lake shrimp cooked to just pink grenade flares on the cake is golden and shining tan chew on as Aaron has just baked bread . sweet shrimp that position plus the aromatic and crispy on the cake , finishing with a tart vinegar sauce , tomato stalks float waving incense suburban fields gives us the feeling of sweet sweet place my tongue numb . So on a piece of chewing tan , click a little cold beer , a little wind breathing through the Duom fat greasy smell , aroma from the kitchen stove , but reached out her heart drop serene lake enjoy cake and cool air falling , then Contents finding that flickers in memory somewhere legendary story area Buffalo Gold touch his mother was making waves swamp the West Lake today .

Ho Tay shrimp cakes have long entered the age pupils . Few people go old school Guardian (now Chu Van An school ) do not know the smell of hot bread shrimp before school gates . Now she no longer found in front of more shrimp cake that had a huge restaurant shrimp cake luxury . The industrial age has taken away the image of chao flour, fried bread to eat for the ” election ” around , “he ” talk and standby ” grab ” just take the cake for the first nine to yourself . The interesting watching people fry bread is now only nostalgia . Hanoi also has people familiar with sitting area high chair, drinking beer , eating food from the oven pre-cut . The taste of the old people ate shrimp has now been dropped where, from time to time, but hardly anyone bothered looking back . Perhaps with that in Hanoi and gourmet food sales , the form is secondary , but what is important to West Lake shrimp cake remained intact traditional taste of it , for anyone who wants to enjoy should suddenly feel the fresh taste of shrimp cake is very hot, very Banner , very fragrant sauce on the second phase have a job with enough salty , sweet , sour , spicy.