Water Tea Pavement – Old Culture That New

tea on pavementDraft published in rodents, ngòn sweet tea at the restaurant chatting chan Toad suddenly roadsides, we see, her gifts, mother’s lullabies, his neighbors called each other out constellation co. ..

Be seated beside the cup water tea is the most relaxed moments, a few people left for the tea drinking habits von “elegant pleasure”, or “wifi” tea country of modern times. One toad sidewalk, is also where I sit peacefully in sight in Ha Noi:
City of maple trees hide old Moss covers celebrating … Sit a slow drift sight Hanoi Cham
” Hanoi ơi, time passed like glass café ”
Not hard to find a consistent water tea when you go the tired when waiting for someone at the mouth of ga, ga, Ben cars on the sidewalk, the small, niche market, between the cities, schools, under a canopy rợp bulb … Hanoi as expanding how much foreign tea again borne out more.
No coffee, dark tea is not needed, simply table with warm water and tea, few fruits and some candy.

The feeling of holding a cup of tea water ever published is despatched by render the frostbitten during cold winter days warm, mark was the first to place your throat is hard to describe the harsh, but as soon as sweet aftertaste, đằm Tham hard irresistible of tea cup of water, it’s invasive thought of as sweetness of first kiss.

The sad, when idle is wandering for a toad sidewalks, sit SIP Cup’s ceiling and watching people pass back line see also’m busiest, Toad pavement with a menu item, but can be dimensional thought of at any time; Winter drinking hot tea workers died and one was om in warm area, and then incubated in a basket woven bamboo has padded cotton to keep heat throughout the day; our summer staff ceilings and iced tea drink, Toad pavement also become features of the Hanoi self ever.

Every morning, sitting out a cup of green tea country pub and watching everything around him are moving, the ordinary is how fun to us launch for a new surface, pressure-filled bộn.
Tea Cup is probably the drink demotic and an abundance of Hanoi, the guests visited the capital that has methods far from ever sitting drinking tea in a sidewalk shortcomings. Had the hot summer day, a rush on a sidewalk, calling a Goblet of water iced SIP you also see the letter as subdued oi permanently.

Drinking tea together with the people you help us understand each other well enough by the story idea as never end. Restaurant is like, is where you find each other, swapping jobs, education, book encyclopedias where you can find information about the fastest, most abundant social issues, also because this is where the convergence of the model, all ages. Drink tea sidewalk very juicy and folk.
Hanoi is now changing very much, which grows throughout the Metro to cafe alleyway, then expose between pavement, then fall into a small niche, no where has dense density such as here. Foreign tea but simple desert grows, with few old tables accompanied by chips of wood or plastic stool seats are foreign, but got into it no less lively and fun.

tea on pavementToday I sat with you, Linh dam, near the park or curious eyes feature should look around the new guest arrival detector reviews full of components from the old stuff go exercise evenings visiting working bat-tea, the old age, to students, students … story on Sun. .. and then the duo love each other the same face double hands up Cup of warm green tea; visit the car hugged doctors do Bowl water tea, enlist rít cigarette Laos at absence.

Sidewalk tea culture in Hanoi as including folk, still life is a place for people to listen yourself after a day of noisy hustle intrigue. Cup water green tea remains “suggestive” and ” tow ” man ta as returns to the world peace of the countryside, fine.

Draft published in rodents, ngòn sweet tea at the restaurant chatting chan Toad suddenly roadsides, we see, her gifts, mother’s lullabies, his neighbors called each other out constellation co. .. Turns out, it still retained somewhere in a corner “spirit home” fresh, cool for us peace between towns.

Know, green tea kettles in customs Toad pavement tềnh toàng he was the benefactor of ” include ” children nowadays successful, by maybe that’s her, the mother of their daily burden vendors kĩu turn dark, sitting in sunshine, rain selling chang chang tea for little money brought them food.