The Vietnamese Women’s Day -20/10

Vietnam Women’s Day is a celebration to honor women, was held on October 20 every year in Vietnam. On this occasion, women in Vietnam, as well as in other parts of the world, many people expressed interest and honor in many forms but is most common rose, card and enclose the congratulations.

On October 20, 1930, the Women’s Vietnam against imperialism (now renamed as The Vietnam Women’s Union) was officially established, to mark the event, the Communist Party of Vietnam has decided to October 20 each year as the traditional day of this organization, and also whether this is the anniversary and honor the women of Vietnam, took the name “Vietnam Women’s day”
First in 1975 in South Vietnam, under the regime of South Vietnam, the Vietnam Women’s Day is on Hai Ba Trung memorial on February 6th lunar month.

In these days, celebrations on October 20 in Vietnam is noted quite specially, a number of activities related to women was held to honor women, many agencies and companies held an awards ceremony for outstanding women or achievement in some fields.
The cultural program to celebrate October 20 is also held expand and quite sophisticated, some famous singers in the country were invited to participate in performances, songs about women and love, such as: “The charming Autumn,” “let go to bed, honey”, “Hey have you remembered? “,… They usually are presented in these days.

Many companies, especially supermarkets, shopping centers have launched several promotional campaigns which subjects were directed to women, many items are discounted or accompanying prizes.
October 20, 2007, a television channel dedicated to women born on HTVC cable system, named “HTVC Women”, this is the first television channel dedicated to women in Vietnam.
In these days, the gifts market for women, especially flowers and jewelry are vibrant and diverse, many people are willing to spend large sums of money to have a special gift for whom they interest, also in October 20, many streets in some major cities in Vietnam as Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi have traffic jams occur because of the traffic spike, especially in the evening.