Vietnam chopstick etiquette


Chopsticks are small tapered sticks used in pairs of equal length as the traditional eating utensils of Vietnam, China, Korea and Japan. The etiquette of using the chopsticks are one of unique spots of Vietnam culture.

When use chopstick, you should remember some etiquette as below:
-    Do not pick up food from the table and place it directly in the mouth.
-    Do not tap on your bowl with your chopstick. It is considered an act of trying to call on the dead.
-    The blunt end of the chopstick can be use to pick up food and place it into the individual’s bowl, while the tapering end can be used for putting food into to the mouth.
-    The chopstick should not touch your lips, teeth, or tougue since it might also be used to pick food off a dish that everyone shares.
-    Do not let the end of your chopstick that use to pick up food cross with another person’s.
-    Do not pick up more than one piece of good at a time. This is interpreted as meaning that you are very hungry and have not had food in days.
-    Do not dig for something you would like on thr plate or returm a piece of food that you do not like back onto the dish.
-    Do not transfer food you just got from the plate to your mouth, place it in your individual bowl first.
-    Chopstick should never be placed in a “V” shape when done eating, it is interpreted as a bad omen.