The longest Pottery Road In Vietnam

Ceramic road in HanoiNearly 4,000 m2 of the pottery mural named the “Pottery Road”, one of artworks made to welcome the 1,000th anniversary of Thăng Long-Hà Nội, have been completed in early February.

The 6-km-long mural running along the Red River dyke in Hà Nội consists of many segments showing the Vietnamese history and culture lasting for centuries.

When completed in August 2010, it will be the world’s longest pottery wall.
Besides domestic artists, foreign ones have actively participated in the project, among them are Michael Geertsen from Denmark, Dominique de Miscault from France, Louis Lambert from Spain, and others from the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland and Argentina.

UNESCO will fund the building of the segment which depicts Việt Nam’s intangible cultural heritages such as Ca trù (ceremonial songs), Quan họ Bắc Ninh (love duets), Nhã nhạc cung đình Huế (court music), and Cồng chiêng Tây Nguyên (gong in the Central Highlands region).