Special Van Than noodle in Hang Chieu street

Van Than

Such a long day. I had a headache doing the physics weekly test in the morning and a sore throat screaming out for the boys during the basketball game in the afternoon. Fortunately, I did well on the test and the boy won so I didn’t have to put up with (my own) laments.

When I came home at 8 p.m., Mom and Dad hadn’t been home yet. Normally, this is the busiest time of the year for them. They left me a note telling me to take my little sis out for dinner. I needed to regain the energy lost during the day so I agreed right away with my sister’s offer to go for two big bowls of van than noodle (mỳ vằn thắn).

Cuisine dictionary

Mỳ vằn thắn (me vahn tahn): Wonton noodles soup, with boiled cải cúc (a type of vegetable), xá xíu (chinese barbecue pork) , a quater of a boiled egg, nấm hương (shiitake) and most important ingredient: wonton (a traditional Chinese type of dumpling, similar to ravioli or dim sum)

Location: 19 Hàng Chiếu

Serving hour: 17:30 – 23:30

Price: 30,000 – 50,000 VND per serving


Van than noodle: wonton and noodles served with the mentioned ingredients in clear, thin broth

Sủi cảo: wonton – a traditional Chinese type of dumpling, similar to ravioli or dim sum.

Mỳ khô: mỳ vằn thắn without the broth

Hủ tíu: same as mỳ vằn thắn but using different type of noodles

Hủ tíu khô: hủ tíu without the broth

You can add a fresh shrimp to your bowl for an extra 10,000 VND.

Quẩy: deep-fried dough stick, very common in food stall. 1,000 per each

Soft drink, beer, Vietnamese iced tea


Wonton, in Chinese, literally mean “tasting the cloud” for it shape resembles that of the cloud. It is made by wrapping the wonton dough over the filling, normally minced meat, sometimes minced shrimp. I haven’t yet tasted the cloud, but in term of subtlety of flavor, I think wonton is also a close enough reminiscence of the fluffy white band hanging over the endless blue. All the other ingredients carry load of nutrition and distinguished scent. But the key to a successful bowl of mỳ vằn thắn is the broth. The thin, clear, aromatic broth blend the flavors of the meat, the juicy shrimp, the soft noodles, and the spiced sủi cảo together. Before eating, squeeze a drop or two of lemon onto the bowl for a refreshing taste.

Mỳ khô which is served with a side bowl of broth and hủ tíu are the other choices for people who like new thing. I’d recommend Hủ tíu khô since the hủ tíu noodles has a way to mix the ingredients without the presence of the broth.

How to order:

Every dish in the menu has a “code name” that I capitalized and put next to its definition. Inside the parentheses are their pronunciation instruction. To order, simply read out loud the code name.

To our advantages, the store has a menu board so if you have trouble pronouncing your order, you can always point out items from the menu.