Delicious Hawker Food in Hanoi city

A simple post to share the myriad food stalls in the city of Hanoi during my trip earlier this year. Hanoi is a wonderful city with strong French influence and deep rooting in traditional Vietnamese culture. The first thing that hits you is the sheer number of road side food stalls operating at almost every corner of the streets. Most of these stalls sell similar food  dominated by pho (the traditional Vietnamese beef noodles), porridge and a type of Vietnamese sandwich (French Mini Baguette stuffed with ham and vegetables).

Hawker in Hanoi for Com nam

One may also notice the huge number of street peddlers selling everything from wood and bamboo souvenirs to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Remember to buy the traditional Vietnamese sweet and delicious green bean cake as shown in the photos below. It costs around USD2 with very nice packaging and is best to savor during tea time.

Hawer in Hanoi

Vietnamese pancake is also very popular with bean sprouts and port sausage fillings. Beware though for the calories freak as it is cooked using lard.

These is also a number of shops selling preserved fruits in Hanoi. From olive, prunes, pineapple, guava, mandarin orange peels, grapes to plums, you name it and most probably will be on sale.

French influence could be seen in modern bakeries that prepare amazing cakes as well as stalls that sell cakes and breads in the famous Hanoi Night Market. With such a wonderful mixture of contrasting cuisines available, you will be up for a gastronomic indulgence.