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  • Young green rice or Com

    When autumn comes, you may notice on a gentle breeze the pleasant scent of new rice as you walk along a quiet street of Ha Noi. Look across the street, and you’ll see a [...]

  • Bun Thang – soft noodle soup

    Dishes made of soft noodle soup are diverse such as vermicelli and fried chopped meat, Bun Thang, vermicelli and sour crab soup, stewed vermicelli and boiled lean meat, etc. The popular dish is vermicelli [...]

  • West Lake shrimp cake

    Who has been to Hanoi is likely to be eager to find a hot West Lake shrimp cake , to have the opportunity to enjoy a specialty of this land are not two. Just [...]

  • Vietnamese wine

    When we say that Vietnam is warming with reds these days, we aren’t making a political statement, of course. We’re talking about wine. With the easing of government restrictions, both commercial and cultural, the [...]

  • Nuoc mia, or sugar-cane juice

    Sugar-cane juice is a type of drink commonly found in Vietnam as a refreshing drink during the hot Vietnamese climate. In the hot weather like Vietnam, people know sugar-cane juice as a natural beverage that [...]

  • Enjoying Hanoi noodle Soup

    Today, “phở Hà Nội” (Hà Nội noodle soup) is not only a popular dish but also a national dish of Việt Nam. As a culinary ambassador, it promotes the city’s culture around the world. [...]