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  • Lunar New Year Celebration in Hanoi

    Tết dishes, the traditional dishes served on the Tết holiday, are the chưng (square sticky-rice) cake, pork paste, grilled chopped meat, brined meat, brined fish, pickled onion and different kinds of fruit jams. The [...]

  • Hanoi fried pillow shaped cake

    Fried pillow shaped cake (so-called Bánh Gối) is one of famous traditional Hanoi food, which has been passed down from generations. If you are a visitor to Hanoi, walking along Hanoi Old Quarter you [...]

  • Fish porridge

    Chao ca With its thick and creamy texture Vietnam’s rice porridge is the best pick when your queasy stomach can’t handle much else. If you want to jazz it up you can always add [...]

  • Vietnam’s banana flower salad

    Vietnam’s banana flower salad packs a much bigger punch than a typical plate of mixed greens. Banana flowers (thick purple lumps that will later turn into bunches of bananas) are peeled and thinly sliced [...]

  • Must-eat food in Hanoi

    (VOV) – Hanoi is the land of noodles and dumplings in daunting variety. At least, that is what British visitor David Bobby had concluded local culinary after his three-week trip around the capital city. [...]

  • Khuc Cake – a special dish

    The cake is a rice ball made of glutinous rice mixed with cudweed (khuc)-most important ingredient and filled with green bean paste, pork, and spices. Cudweed grows during lunar January and February, when the [...]

  • Dog meat special in Hanoi

    One of the first questions Vietnamese people, especially men, ask a foreigner is ‘Can you eat dog meat?’ A direct translation from Vietnamese, the question is not so much asking whether the person ‘likes’ [...]