Making Bird Cages in Vac Village

Vac villageBird tenders are very finicky in making bird cages. It is not accidental that they the cages made by the craftsmen in Vac Village. These cages satisfy their three requirements: durability, beauty and luxuriousness. These criteria have the brand name of a craft village.

Vac Village or Canh Hoach Village is situated in Dan Hoa Commune, Thanh Oai District, Hanoi. It has traditional crafts, such as making fans, conical hat frames, statues and specifically, bird cages. The whole commune has four villages, Canh Hoach, Vu Lang, Tien Lu and Phu Tho with 2,340 households of which over 400 households are engaged in making bird cages. Canh Hoach Village alone has over 100 households engaging bird cage building and this craft brings each household an income of -10 million VND per month.

Visiting the house of artisan Nguyen Van Nghe in Canh Hoach Village we saw that bird cages were piled up on both sides of the path. Nghe was preparing to pack products to transport to Ho Chi Minh City. He said that the craft of making bird cages in Vac Village has existed for a long time and is passed down from generation to generation. Vac villagers are proud to say that bird cages made there won medals at the exhibitions in Hanoi during the French domination.