Bao Khanh – Hang Hanh streets: Destination for Hanoi’s specialties

Hang Hanh streetFor domestic and foreign visitors to Hanoi, Bao Khanh street and Hang Hanh lane are unmissable addresses to enjoy Hanoi’s delicious dishes.

The 100m-Bao Khanh street is sandwiched from Le Thai To street and Hang Trong street. Bao Khanh originates from the combination of the names of two hamlets: Bao Thien Tu and Huu Khanh Thuy. At o­ne end of Bao Khanh street, there stands a 7-storey VPBank building overlooking the whole street. At the middle of street are Bao Khanh and Nam Phuong hotels coupled with the Bao Khanh Tourism Co., Ltd., in and out of which plenty of foreign visitors come. Also, o­n this street, there are two galleries namely Vinh Loc and Ngoc Linh introducing scenery pictures of Hanoi and Vietnam. Notably, Bao Khanh street offers a purely-Vietnamese dish that is hot banh cuon (stuffed pancake) served with gio cha (pork pie boiled or fired or grilled), aromatic and spicy vegetables and the sauce of ca cuong (extract from an aromatic insect), surely leaving unforgettable impression o­n visitors to Vietnam.

Bao Khanh streetSpreading from Luong Van Can street to Bao Khanh lane is Hang Hanh lane, which is 172 metres long. The culinary Hang Hanh street is well-known for tasty coffee. The Nhan café, started from a humbling property, has developed into a chain of café buildings with a strong contingent of attendants in uniform always o­n busy shuttles. However, it is worthy to try out other cafes such as Sai Gon, 38, 39, Bon Bon, Old Quarter, Hoa Quynh, Hong Diep, Blue, DES, etc. At the end of Hang Hanh street where Bao Khanh bun moc (meat pie and rice vermicelli) restaurant is located, customers are served from morning till 11 pm. Especially, when a football match is o­n, Hang Hanh street turns into a playground for young people to shout for joy.

Hang Hanh street has also a lot of mini hotels including Win, Heat, Hong Diep and Sao Mai. These hotels are inexpensive, yet, much favoured by foreign backpack tourists because they are handy for food (banh cuon, bun moc, noodle soup, chicken steamed and glutinous rice, Italian noodle, French cakes, …) while email service is free. Tourists are also fond of Ngoc Linh, Vinh Loc and Sonson Fineart galleries here, which sell brocade, souvenirs, photos and pictures of chu Teu (water-puppet clown), grazing buffalo, flying birds.