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  • Numerous options for Tet for tourist

    Tours designed for foreigners wishing to look into Tet culture and celebrations will start from the 23rd of the 12th lunar month to the 4th of the first lunar month, or from January 23 [...]

  • Lunar New Year Celebration in Hanoi

    Tết dishes, the traditional dishes served on the Tết holiday, are the chưng (square sticky-rice) cake, pork paste, grilled chopped meat, brined meat, brined fish, pickled onion and different kinds of fruit jams. The [...]

  • Things to do in Hanoi on rainy day.

    Situated in the north, Vietnam’s capital Hanoi is often the first stop on a travellers visit due to it’s flight path and reputation for being the hub of traditional Vietnam culture. Visit this vibrant [...]

  • Hanoi to host Asian cities meeting

    Delegates from the Asian Network of Major Cities in the 21 st century (ANMC21) will gather at a plenary meeting in Hanoi from November 17-19 to strengthen their cooperation. The network groups 12 members [...]

  • Long Bien Bridge

    It was built in 1903 by the architects of Daydé & Pillé, a French company. Before Vietnam’s independence in 1954, it was called Doumer Bridge, named after Paul Doumer – The Governor-General of French [...]

  • 5 free things in Vietnam’s capital

    At first glance, Hanoi is a hornet’s nest of motorbikes swarming Vietnam’s capital city. But look beyond the sea of roaring engines and beeping horns and a land of old-world Asian charm awaits, with [...]

  • The Vietnamese Women’s Day -20/10

    Vietnam Women’s Day is a celebration to honor women, was held on October 20 every year in Vietnam. On this occasion, women in Vietnam, as well as in other parts of the world, many [...]