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  • Hanoi tightens control over ad banners

    The Hanoitimes – Inspectors of the Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism will take action to control advertising banners illegally hung over city streets. At a recent press conference, the department’s chief inspector, [...]

  • One-Pillar Pagoda set for renovations

    The Hanoitimes - The 964-year-old o­ne-Pillar Pagoda, also known as Dien Huu Pagoda, in downtown Hanoi is about to undergo extensive renovations, a local official has said. The VND32 billion (US$1.6 million) upgrade will involve [...]

  • Spiritual Life Value of Vietnam people

    The richness of Vietnam’s origins is evident throughout its culture. Spiritual life in Vietnam, which is totally unscientific, is a belief or practice irrationally maintained by ignorance or by faith in magic or chance. [...]

  • Vietnam Mid – Autumn Festival

    The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most exciting and popular holidays for Vietnamese families. It’s also called the “Children’s Festival” and it’s celebrated when the moon is the brightest in the autumn. Parents [...]

  • The beauty smiles of mountain children

    Travellers in the northwestern mountains of Vietnam will be dazzled by the breathtaking scenery, culinary specialities, and the beaming faces of highland children. Their beauty, joy, spirit and purity can hardly be captured perfectly [...]