A Taste Of Hanoi at Hoa Sua Cooking School

Price: US $ 115 net/person, from min 2 persons.

Duration: 4 hours (From 8 am to 12 pm From 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm )

Tour class: private tour.

Option 1: Hoa Sua cooking Training

Option 2: Hoa Sua cooking training & visit the market. Price: + 15 usd/person

Hoa Sua Cooking School 1

Hoa Sua Cooking School

Hoa Sua School offers Vietnamese cooking classes for Visitors to Hanoi in the training centre of Hoa Sua School in Linh Nam, Hoang Mai (This is located off Thanh Tri dyke to the South of Hanoi. It is 5 km from Viet Xo Hospital due South).

The cooking teachers bring their excellent skills to you in a fun environment! They have often practised themselves abroad and thus have numerous experiences and are able to speak good English. Depending on your needs, the teacher may be able to take you on a visit of a local market in Central Hanoi to choose the ingredients. Alternatively, the teacher can prepare all the ingredients for you. After your practical class, it will be time to taste the dishes you have prepared and our expert chef will be able to give his feedback on your own chef skills.


Cooking Class in Hanoi

Private Pick up and drop off service, cooking class arrangement, cooking demonstration & meal included